After Easter, the Liberation Holiday.

Over 9 million Italians traveled for the April 25th holiday, for a turnover of over 4 billion euros. The most popular destinations are the Italian cities. In fact, about 92% of the sample examined remains in Italy and cities of art are the preferred destinations (31%). To follow the sea, the mountains, the spas and the lakes. 13.4% of Italians will take advantage of this opportunity to visit exhibitions, museums and fairs.

Hotels are once again the preferred accommodation for 34.1% of travelers and for this reason they surpass the choice of home for relatives and friends (22.5%). Most of the travelers’ spending is for meals (32%), while accommodation and travel each absorb 19.4% of the budget, 13.2%.

In terms of those who do not go on vacation, 39.9% do so for economic reasons; 33.1% because they intend to organize a trip in another period and 24.8% for family reasons.

The survey was carried out for Federalberghi by the ACS Marketing Solutions Institute in the period between 30 March and 4 April by interviewing with the C.A.T.I. (telephone interviews) a sample of 4,500 Italians of age, representing 50 million compatriots of age. The sample was constructed to faithfully reflect the reference population.

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