An opportunity for Italian tourism.

The summer season is in full swing, and the signs are better than expected. Economist Antonio Preiti discusses in his Huffington Post article the state of  the Italian tourism and how we can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Recovery Fund.

His advice is to work with a vision and on medium-term projects (which are about 2/3 years), focusing on attractions, on the ease of travelling to vacation spots and on the quality of hospitality. Among the destinations to be enhanced are ports, which are not only a place of arrival and departure but can represent unique and distinctive locations for an enjoyable holiday. and the small villages that can specialize by highlighting their distinctive characteristics, such as culture, amenities and natural beauty.

The áreas of crucial importance relate to viability and digital technology. It is necessary to make and realign these systems (basic amenities must be always easily accesible); furnishings (this is a great opportunity also for the Italian furniture industry); widening the range of services, transforming our hotels into hospitality jewels.

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