EMEA companies and digital customer experience

EMEA companies and digital customer experience.

When it comes to digital customer experience, EMEA companies lag behind US organizations. This was stated by a ServiceNow survey involving 600 businesses leaders from around the world, with the aim of examining the priorities, approach and performance of large companies (with a turnover exceeding 500 million dollars) towards direct services to customers. The companies were divided into three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Leader. A quarter (25%) of EMEA companies were ranked as “leaders”, half of them from the United States, making up 56% of this category. 44% of EMEA companies are in the Intermediate level while 31% in the Beginner level. The traits that the Leaders have in common are: rationalization and acceleration of customer service processes; customization and creation of intuitive and autonomous experiences. The study reveals that 68% of EMEA companies have digitized and automated customer experience management, compared to 77% of US organizations.

The EMEA companies are investing in Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and initiatives that involve and retain customers.

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