ESA spiega il mondo post Covid-19

ESA explains the post Covid-19 world.

We recommend watching the next webinar organized by ESA: “Healthcare” 20 May; “Post-millennial education and social life” June 3; “Work efficiently, work remotely” June 9 and “COVID-19: Reinvent your business model” June 15.

“ESA is conducting actions to exploit Space to support crisis management and contribute to the necessary resilience in possible post-crisis scenarios – said Donatella Ponziani, Downstream Gateway Officer at ESA – the world could experience an acceleration of technological developments such as #digitalization, #artificial intelligence and # InternetofThings and the prioritization of research axes such as health care and #biotechnology. Access to health, communication and remote access to education are no longer problems only for isolated areas; new business models and solutions are also needed for large cities. Last, but not least, the impact of the measures taken to contain the spread of the pandemic demonstrates in an exceptional way how the slowdown in society can have a tangible impact on the environment, as reported by Earth observation data “.

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