Embedded Insurance, Digital Bancassurance, Sharing Economy, Virtual Reality, Healthtech: these are what will characterize insurance innovation in the coming year.

After a 2021 that saw a +460% increase in investments in the ‘Insurtech’ sector, with €280 million invested compared to €50 million in 2020 – as detected by the Investment Index of the Italian Insurtech Association (IIA), an even more significant growth is expected in 2022, the year in which Italy should recover the gap still existing between other European countries.

On the one hand, there will be the strengthening of existing ecosystems, whilst on the other there will be the growth and development of new ecosystems, with a greater focus on the customer and on personalized insurance proposals.

The IIA forecasts that in 2022, the industry will be characterized by the following areas, trends and investments:

– Investments in Insurtech will increase, also due to the entry of new International operators in Italy

– Investments in Insurtech startups will increase, reaching almost 100 million Euros

– Cooperation between startups and insurance companies will reach 90%.

– New ecosystems will acquire critical mass doubling the number of policies

– There will be the entry of new Italian and foreign specialized operators in the Healthtech sector

– The number of insurance policies linked to micro-mobility will double

– The value of Embedded Insurance will increase

– The number of banks involved in the distribution of digital policies and the investments in Data Analytics and AI will triple

– The sector will become more attractive to young people thanks to new skills and professional opportunities

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