Italy – Coronavirus and its monitoring.

We talked about China, Korea, Israel, but what is Italy doing? In Lombardy, the application of the AllertaLOM developed by the regional holding company Aria Spa to collect information on the level of contagion of the population started. Once downloaded, the application – created in collaboration with the infectious disease specialist Raffaele Bruno and the virologist Fausto Baldanti of the Policlinico San Matteo and the University of Pavia – offers a questionnaire on characteristics (age, medical education, etc.), Habits during blockage (travel to the office or intelligent work?), any symptoms (loss of taste and / or smell, etc.). It is a remote triage that aims to track down the number of infected people and identify the neighborhoods where the virus is spreading most. It has already been downloaded and used by 60 thousand users. The data is collected anonymously: the user’s position is deduced from the postal code and in no way the answers are connected to personal data or telephone number. In this way citizens contribute to a clear tariff on the spread of Covid-19.

We hope to reach the million downloads.

We invite those who live in the region to rules to trace data.

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