L’Italia è la meta più ambita

Italy is the world’s most popular destination

Tourism is slowly restarting, but there is one segment that will start first: luxury.

In this field, Italy holds the record as the most desired destination in the world. It is estimated that by 2025, the luxury customer base in Italy will expand up to 450 million euros, up from 390 million in 2019, due mainly to the boom in travel by the middle-class in Asia. This is confirmed by the “Report on Italian Tourism” edited by the CNR-IRISS of Naples, written by Alfonso Morvillo, a research executive of the Institute, and Emilio Becheri, an expert in the sector.  It is increasingly important both for luxury and wellness as the number of travelers who want meditation, yoga, fitness and spa treatments as part of their vacation is increasing. Thus the demand for 5 or 6 star hotels, suites and villas, award-winning restaurants, treatments and massages, cruises, yacht rentals, sports facilities such as tennis courts and golf courses is increasing.

China and Japan are the most promising sources markets, with the increasing trend of residents preferring luxury experiences over personal luxury goods. Also surprising is the Indian market, thanks to the recent expansion of their middle class.

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