Manager italia: recipe for tourism.

The proposal was presented in recent days to the Chamber’s Labor Commission, at a meeting which was also attended by CIDA, FIPE, FEDERALBERGHI and AICA.

The main points:

1 – Enhance and industrialize the management of destinations by focusing on the position of the Destination Manager, through three models: disbursement of community funds by the Territorial Cohesion Agency; vouchers to regions and provinces; assignment to Invitalia (National Agency for the attraction of investments and business development) for the management of funds and the offer of expert consultants.

2 – Reduction of labor costs through an extraordinary measure of total decontribution reserved for sectors and companies in a state of crisis but which still require working staff, with resources transferred directly to INPS.

3 – Seasonal adjustment of the tourist offer with measures relating to holidays, weekdays, school calendars.

4 – Use of the summer-bonus to favor the demand of Italian tourist services, allowing workers to have a higher salary, compared to the net in the pay packet, for tourist expenses carried out within Italy.


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