Post-Covid tourism – who will lift the industry?

Positive signals from the younger generations, millennials and generation X have remained very active on social media during this period. To confirm the trend Fabio Bin, co-founder of WeRoad and Federico Tosazzi, responsible for the entertainment of ScuolaZoo Viaggi products.

The push also comes from Perennials, a category that does not want to exclude those born in the 2000s, but to widen the boundaries and welcome those who had been excluded from the millennial generation. Lorenzo Brufani, CEO of Competence, says that “the senior market is always underestimated and debased, but in reality it is the one with the greatest potential, both in economic availability and in the desire to travel and experiment”. The wealth of this cluster has in fact grown by 74% in the past 25 years.

The digital strategies thus show the satisfaction of all age groups, as well as the luxury sector as Edoardo Del Negro, digital director of The Dedica Anthology, notes. “In fact, the real perfect mix would be that of the watermark, a combination that sees an accurate work on the image and the social language for a quality control of interpersonal relationships and direct user contact”.

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