Summer by the sea or in the mountains? Better in the countryside.

In the period of Covid-19 there is a place to avoid crowding and, consequently, contagions: one of the 24 thousand agritourism structures scattered throughout Italy, able to offer 253 thousand beds and almost 442 thousand seats at the table (Coldiretti elaborations on Istat data). Nature trails, pet therapy and even spaces at the table where you can taste the specialties of the peasant tradition. “The farm plays a central role for the Made in Italy holiday in Phase 2 because it is linked in a decisive way to proximity tourism for the rediscovery of small villages and smaller towns in the Italian countryside to guarantee respect for social distances and avoid crowding “notes Diego Scaramuzza president of Terranostra.

The agritourisms can accommodate in compliance with the hygienic-sanitary requirements and the interpersonal distance, avoiding gatherings in the common areas or near the accesses. The agritourism structures are often located in the isolated areas of ​​the countryside in family structures with a limited number of places and large open spaces where, underlines Coldiretti, it is easier to guarantee compliance with anti-coronavirus safety measures..

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