Tecnologie al lavoro nella Fase 2

Technologies at work in Phase 2.

1) The #artificial intelligence will be able to guarantee the safety distance, positioning cameras in the most “critical” places of the company and analyzing the behavior and movement of employees through a #machinelearning algorithm.

2) The #Internetofthings will be useful for sanitizing offices and production plants, through sensors capable of detecting the progress of the sanitization process by checking which chemicals or ozone, which are harmful to health, are no longer present.

3) The “Employee Voice” may also involve employees in #smartworking, through information traceability dynamics: obligatory answers, random questions, multiple personalized or anonymous routes.

4) Promote the best behaviors for safe and ecological mobility to better compare the health crisis such as movement on foot, by bicycle or scooter.

5) Find new customers through the digital channel with the assistance of the main social networks, first of all #LinkedIn, with the online campaign and #InboundMarketing strategies.

6) Show your products through augmented reality (#AR) and virtual reality (#VR).

7) Focus on #DigitalCommerce to implement new business models.

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