In Puglia, an interesting experience of telemedicine applied to cardiology has been created. The Regional Center of Telecardiology of the Policlinico di Bari, for which Professor Ottavio Di Cillo is responsible, has created a model through the emergency service 118 and 40 hospitals.

The “brain” is called Helis (Health emergency onLine support system) and  it is an artificial intelligence system that receives patient information and compares it with a series of specific and technical knowledge transforming it into alarm signals, questions and suggestions for the doctor and healthcare workers. Ambulances can send electrocardiographic traces directly to the “control room” of the Polyclinic Telecardiology Center which analyzes them and alerts the nearest Hemodynamics Center in case of real urgency.

Telemedicine can play a fundamental role in the integration between hospital and territory and in the new forms of aggregation of primary care. The 2019 Report of the Digital Innovation in Health Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic notes this. However, the telehealth and teleassistance services are present only with pilot projects in 27% and 22% of healthcare companies respectively.

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