The Giro-E of Italy starts

The Giro d’Italia 2022 starts from Budapest on 6 May and will be presented this year under the banner of technology, ecology and sustainable mobility.

On May 10, the Giro-E will also start from Adrano, Sicily, which aims to give all bicycle lovers, amateur cyclists or former professionals, the experience of traveling the roads of the Giro d’Italia on the same days as the Pink Race. The event is held using, only and exclusively, pedal assisted bicycles provided by your own team. It is the only stage event in the world reserved for pedal assisted bicycles and has among its aims to promote the use of electric bikes in daily life and consequently reduce the consumption of fossil fuel and pollution.

What Argos does

For client companies, Argos offers a roadside assistance and bike recovery service. Our technical staff is made up of mechanics and roadside assistance professionals and is available to customers to repair on site, when possible, or to tow them to the best garages. In case of need, we offer a rental car for temporary replacement, thanks to the collaboration with the major rental companies, or a quick and safe taxi.

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