The Italian plan for artificial intelligence.

The public amount adds up to $ 888 million for the first 5 years, to which is added $ 605 million of private contributions. This is the national plan made public by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE). From robotics to defense, from smart cities to autonomous driving, from the analysis of big data to related services, artificial intelligence is strategic for economic and social development. Globally, a recent survey by the Porter study center estimates that turnover will reach $ 169.4 billion in 2025. Italy, in the three-year period, from 2015-17, according to data from the national inter-university consortium for information technology, produced 700 AI research projects, of which 310 international and 110 in tandem with businesses. But the market is still small: 200 million euros in 2019 is the latest estimate from the Polytechnic of Milan observatory. The plan provides for the creation of a national institute for AI and the strengthening of supercomputers that will reach 104 PFlop in five years.

About half of the investment, 420 million to be exact, goes to support the projects of 1,600 among doctorates, researchers and teachers (with a 40% co-financing from private individuals).

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