The talents of artificial intelligence in Europe? Few and poorly distributed.
Gianni Rusconi talks about Il sole 24 ore.

Recent LinkedIn research – “AI talent in the Labor market”, developed in collaboration with the World Economic Forum – took stock of the state of the labor market in Europe in the field of artificial intelligence.

If the best in the field of artificial intelligence are the USA and China, in the Old Continent the uneven distribution of talent working on algorithms is currently a handicap: most of the talents are concentrated in Western Europe and three countries – United Kingdom (with a share of 24%), Germany (14%) and France (12%) – where they are localized the half of all the figures in the sector. Italy is at a medium-low level, with a contribution (just over 7%) of three times lower than the British one. In the future the training and professional updating of professionals “close” to the various disciplines of the AI should double the size of the current workforce operating in the sector. At the moment it is mostly employees in the technology sector, or academics, especially in Italy and Spain, where artificial intelligence is still not widespread in the private sector.