Travel and Super Greenpass: what changes

The new rules launched by the government come into effect from December 6 until January 15, 2022. The new decree introduces a dual regime between those who are vaccinated or cured, and those who have chosen not to immunize themselves. From December 6 there will be two green passes: an enhanced one lasting 9 months and a basic one for those who undergo molecular or antigenic swabbing, lasting 72 and 48 hours.

In order to travel on high-speed trains and planes, it is sufficient to have a “basic” green pass, i.e. a negative molecular or antigenic swab. The decree introduces the same obligation for other means of transport. The list includes regional rail transport, Intercity trains, commuter trains and local public transport, i.e. buses, coaches and subways.

For high-speed trains the control will take place preferably at the entrance of the gate, on planes the control must be carried out at the time of boarding and includes measuring body temperature. Those going abroad will have to check the restrictions adopted by each country.
Covid Free tourist corridors remain in force for some destinations.

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