Travel during Covid

The pandemic has radically changed the way people travel. What will be the trends for 2021?

In a letter published in the online magazine Welfare network, Vincenzo Donvito, president of ADUC – Association for the Rights of Users and Consumers, gives a picture of the current trends, listing them as follows:

  • The staycation, or the holiday near home, rediscovering one’s city and it’s surroundings
  • Last minute solutions which given the current uncertainty, allows for last minute bookings
  • Uncrowded destinations such as villages, lakes and mountains
  • Slow tourism, on foot or by bicycle, with longer stays in a single location
  • Workation, ie remote work in a vacation spot
  • A greater use of technology and platforms for use as reference points, indispensable for limiting risks
  • Value for money with a greater focus on savings
  • The flexibility of offers, with a focus on the transparency of the cancellation conditions, reimbursement procedure, travel insurance
  • Greater attention to safety, health and hygiene

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