italian healthcare

What are the scenarios of Italian healthcare? Grazia Labate talks about it in an article published in Quotidiano Sanità. Italy, like many European countries, is also experiencing a profound economic and financial crisis that requires a rethinking of the assistance model.

Over the years, the National Health Service has been considered by many international organizations to be one of the best, based on three indicators:

  • improvement of the overall health of the population;
  • the response to citizens’ health and healthcare expectations;
  • guaranteeing the protection of the right to health and health care to the whole population.

According to a multiple Bloomberg study, Italian healthcare is the third largest in the world after Singapore and Hong Kong. But is this system still sustainable?

The author delves into the results of the “State of health in the Eu” report of the European Commission and of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which takes a photograph of the state of health of Italians and our health system. The article speaks extensively about artificial intelligence and predictive networks as means of improvement and not of replacement of human abilities.

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