What will life be like after the lockdown?

Immersed as we are in a new and sudden scenario, the most difficult thing to imagine is how our lives will resume. Thus began the interview with an Italian manager who lives in Wuhan, published on Il Sole 24 ore.

How will life be once the epidemic curve has gone down, but not yet exhausted? The interviewee tells how he returned to work on April 8, after 76 days. Today the schools are still closed, you don’t go out to a club or have a drink with friends in the evening and the restaurants are only open for take-away. Everyone must wear a mask and there are movement restrictions for those who do not have the “green code” that certifies good health. It is an identification code such as the tax code, but more detailed and integrated into popular apps. The code is used to take public transportation and allows authorities to track travel. If, for example, it turns out that there is an infected person on a wagon, the code turns red for all travelers of the same wagon who have been forced to stay at home for 14 days in quarantine since then.

The testimony opens up food for thought on the use of technologies, starting with the management of privacy and personal data.

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