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Il Piano nazionale di ripresa e resilienza (Pnrr) assegna 2 miliardi e 400 milioni di euro ai progetti d’investimento in materia di turismo. Gli investimenti si propongono di accrescere la capacità competitiva delle imprese e promuovere un’offerta turistica basata su sostenibilità ambientale, innovazione e digitalizzazione dei servizi.

The WHO is clear: in 2019 there are already 90 thousand measles cases

Infections in the first six months of 2019 would have already exceeded those recorded in all the 12 months of 2018 (84 462). In particular, the European Commission has highlighted how, since the process of monitoring in Europe began in 2012, for the first time, 4 countries have moved away from this objective: the United Kingdom, Greece, Albania and the Czech Republic.

Medical tourism is very successful worldwide

The latest report from Visa and Oxford Economics say so. This is an economic figure of about 100 billion years, which could increase by 25% in 2025. Among the main perspectives for those seeking value-added services and high quality assistance, discover India.

What will the hospitals of the future be like?

If up until a few years ago,even Internet Banking could have seemed an impossible project-it was thought that no one would have consented to the processing of online financial data-today the Healthcare sector is moving in the same direction and with the same doubts.