After months of lockdowns and restrictions, the UK is slowly returning to normal; the reopening of pubs, restaurants, gyms and hairdressers has restored enthusiasm and vitality to the British people, and has rekindled the hope of a return to normal life.

The 6-Salute (6-Health) mission of the PNRR is divided into two parts: on one hand the network of closeness, intermediate facilities and telemedicine for territorial health care, on the other one, innovation, research and digitalization of the national health service.

Could you distinguish a human being or an object created by artificial intelligence? It is the disturbing title of a recent article published in “La Repubblica” and, apparently, the answer to the question is negative.

There are a thousand reasons why it is worth insuring pets. While it isn’t compulsory, if you incur any damage caused by the animal, you must cover all costs.

In addition to tax advantages, for companies (especially medium and large ones) corporate welfare represents an essential way to attract valuable human capital and maintain valid resources. Nicola Paronzini states this in an article published in “We Wealth”.

We obtained the Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2015 for the provision of technical, medical and legal assistance services for insurance companies and companies operating in travel and event organization.

In February 2021, over 5.6 million users searched for flights to reach Italy, 641.9 thousand more than in January.
It is mainly Italians who contributed to the growth (36%), together with Spanish (14%), Germans (10%) and the British (10%).

Non self-sufficiency represents one of the main risks of the aging process of the Italian and European population. In this regard, the European Commission recently published the Green Paper on ageing.

Permits, vouchers and serological tests: this corporate welfare was rewarded by the Lombardy government. From free psychological support to spaces made available to employees’ children: many companies have implemented extraordinary actions for their staff during the health emergency.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) digital Covid Travel Pass is expected to start in March. The document will certify that the passenger has undergone Covid-19 tests or has been vaccinated. It is an indispensable measure to resume traveling by plane.