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Argos is an independent company leading in the field of assistance and claims management in the medical (human and veterinary), technical (mobility and home), and legal fields. We operate as Third-Party Administrator (TPA) and Service Provider with offices in Italy, France, Spain, and the United States. We offer a complete service for insurance companies, assistance companies, brokers, D.M.C., incentive agencies, tour operators, fleet management companies, maritime companies, cruise companies and for companies operating in the welfare sector, travel and event organization, including sports
. We provide your customers with a capillary network of over 580,000 suppliers, including hospitals, clinics, freelancers, dental offices, diagnostic centers, emergency and technical partners (roadside assistance, bodywork, workshops, plumbers, blacksmiths, masons)experts and lawyers.

We offer assistance to customers worldwide.


The start of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games is imminent

The Olympic Games will be hosted by Paris for the third time in its history, following the legendary editions of 1900 and 1924.

The Latin American market will be strengthened with the opening of a new headquarters in Colombia

The opening of our new headquarters in Colombia is a strategic step to strengthen Argos Assistance's presence on the American continent and we are happy to announce it.
July begins with tourism!

July begins with tourism!

It is expected that Italy will have a boom in tourists in July, with 18.2 million arrivals, including 10 million foreigners. This is confirmed by the data of the Demoskopika

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