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Argos is an indipendent company offering medical, technical and legal assistance services for insurance companies, DMC, incentive agencies, tour operators and companies operating in travel and event organisation, including sports. We are based in Italy, France and Spain, and operate worldwide.




Your customers’ health is in good hands.

Through our widespread network of doctors, polyclinics, dental clinics, private and public hospitals, we offer to your customers generic and specialised medical assistance at home care, 24 hours a day, dental medical assistance, outpatient specialist visits, hospital admissions, medical and nursing services, diagnostic and laboratory tests in Italy, Spain and  France, with special coverage for the city of Paris.

Technical Assistance Service

Immediate support to your customers in case of car and home accidents.

For client companies, we offer a service of roadside assistance and recovery of complex vehicles. Our technical staff is made up of mechanics and roadside assistance professionals and they are available to repair cars and vehicles on the spot, when possible, or to tow them to the best repair shops. In case of need we offer a rental car as a temporary replacement, thanks to partnerships with major rental companies, or a quick and safe taxi.

Legal Assistance

A network of legal professionals serving your customers.

We collaborate with authoritative professional firms which include experts in civil, criminal and administrative law and we use the assistance of insurance experts to offer advice on different subjects – we deal with treat accidents in the green card system – and support in judicial proceedings, including damage assessment and administrative procedures for the recovery of documents and baggage.


I vantaggi della Sanità digitale

In order to face the growing challenges in a society in which fewer and fewer children are born and which continues to grow old, a revolution in the health system is needed, starting with digitalization.

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