Europe is experiencing a constant health crisis

Europe has entered a permanent health crisis and not just as a result of COVID.This was stated by Hans Henry P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe
Lo stress mette a rischio la Cybersecurity

Stress threatens cybersecurity

The stress and over-exertion of security workers threatens cybersecurity.This is confirmed by the 8th annual Wmware Global Incident Response Threat Report, released at the Black Hat USA 2022.

Recession-proof tourism

Tourism is proof of the recession which, according to a recent UBS study, currently does not seem to affect catering companies and does little harm to airlines. Hotels suffer, however, with the exception of luxury ones.

The days of low-cost flights have come and gone

Round trip to 9 euros? From now on, no more. Invest Oggi in an article that captures a trend already underway.