Artificial intelligence and machinelearning: popular in healthcare

Siamo sommersi da una valanga di dati creati e gestiti da ospedali, medici, case farmaceutiche e assicurazioni prodotti da Stati Uniti e Cina, mentre l’Europa si muove con un certo ritardo.

Less pills and lots of AI

We are inundated with an avalanche of data created and managed by hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies produced by the United States and China, while Europe moves with a certain delay.

Private Health accredited with the National Health System

The Private Hospitality Association has traced an identikit of private Health: 315 facilities (out of 518 associated) offering 60,000 beds of which 52,000 are accredited with the National Health System (SSN).

Medical tourism: the United States is in the lead

He is afflicted by the latest research by the World Travel & Tourism Council. According to the report "A recipe for a healthier economy", the expenses in medical tourism service are gronwn of 358%