The ups and downs of Italian tourism

There will be a real recovery for tourism in 2023 or at least by 2024. Unlike other sectors of Made in Italy, such as fashion, beauty, design and wine, which are recovering, tourism will be slow to recover because of

Never be without travel health insurance!

Insurance is essential for those who want to depart from Italy for work or leisure. Especially following the Covid-19 pandemic, the aim is to cover risks when abroad.

Covid free tourist corridors

Starting to the Covid free tourist corridors. With a recent ordinance, the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza established on an experimental basis the "controlled tourist itineraries".
i chatbot del futuro

Chatbots of the future

Chatbots have evolved tremendously since the first automated responders, and are increasingly able to deliver a smooth and natural customer experience. Four aspects make all the difference in the world of conversational agents.