Spagna Italia e Germania in vetta per il benessere

Spain, Italy, and Germany top the list for wellbeing.

Spanish (29%), Italian (26%), and German (24%) are the primary groups of wellness enthusiasts in Europe. This was confirmed by the Spanish tourist intelligence platform Travellyze, which conducted an investigation on over 23,000 European travelers.

In Spain, well-being travellers are between 35 and 54 years old and their income decreases year after year, proving that this type of travel is not only the preserve of the richest.

Travellers use search engines (42%), travel sites, hotels, or airlines (35%), read online reviews (33%), and ask travel agencies for advice (30%).

The main social networks of inspiration are Instagram (31%), Facebook (27%) and YouTube (25%), while in the last year the impact of influencers and celebrities as reference points has increased by 31%.

Finally, regarding accommodation, 40% of travelers seeking wellness experiences prefer to stay in 3 or 4 star hotels or second homes (31.4%). The demand for hotels that offer spa services has increased by 72% in the past year.

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