The nautical sector claims its role as the economic engine of the Balearic Islands in general and of Mallorca in particular

These days the various countries are launching their own strategies to open their national borders.

The Regional Council of Lazio has launched a 10 million euro initiative to make the territory a more competitive tourist destination from the capital to the metropolitan area

Francesc Colomer, head of the Autonomous Secretariat of Tourism of the Generalitat Valenciana, was interviewed at the Fitur 2021 tourism fair. According to Colomer, following the pandemic, tourism will “embrace life” and

During this pandemic period, there has been a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of healthcare, on what has worked and what hasn’t. At times, interventions in the field of health and social care, which also have an important role, have been neglected.

After months of lockdowns and restrictions, the UK is slowly returning to normal; the reopening of pubs, restaurants, gyms and hairdressers has restored enthusiasm and vitality to the British people, and has rekindled the hope of a return to normal life.

The 6-Salute (6-Health) mission of the PNRR is divided into two parts: on one hand the network of closeness, intermediate facilities and telemedicine for territorial health care, on the other one, innovation, research and digitalization of the national health service.

Could you distinguish a human being or an object created by artificial intelligence? It is the disturbing title of a recent article published in “La Repubblica” and, apparently, the answer to the question is negative.

There are a thousand reasons why it is worth insuring pets. While it isn’t compulsory, if you incur any damage caused by the animal, you must cover all costs.

In addition to tax advantages, for companies (especially medium and large ones) corporate welfare represents an essential way to attract valuable human capital and maintain valid resources. Nicola Paronzini states this in an article published in “We Wealth”.