Taking care of the sea to protect human health. It is the goal of the Sea project Care, born from the collaboration between Istituto Superiore di Sanità and Marina Militare with collaborations of other excellent research groups.

The annual World Travel Market takes place in London. It is an event that brings together tourist operators from around the world and is an essential opportunity for the industry

ITIC GLOBAL: Argos was there!
On 23-27 October, ITIC GLOBAL took place in Athens, the event that every year brings together the world’s leading travel and health insurance professionals, and which this year celebrated 30 years of activity.

E-commerce brings tourism back to pre-pandemia values reaching 26.1 billion euros in 2022. This is confirmed by data from the Digital Observatory of Innovation in Tourism of the School of Management of the Politecnico in Milano.

The first signs of recovery in the tourism sector are visible, in spite of the uncertain geopolitical environment and the climate of mistrust in the face of the energy crisis.

On 23-27 October we will be in Athens at ITIC GLOBAL, the event that every year brings together the world’s leading travel and health insurance specialists, and that this year celebrates 30 years of activity.

Europe has entered a permanent health crisis and not just as a result of COVID.This was stated by Hans Henry P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe

The stress and over-exertion of security workers threatens cybersecurity.This is confirmed by the 8th annual Wmware Global Incident Response Threat Report, released at the Black Hat USA 2022.

Tourism is proof of the recession which, according to a recent UBS study, currently does not seem to affect catering companies and does little harm to airlines. Hotels suffer, however, with the exception of luxury ones.

Round trip to 9 euros? From now on, no more. Invest Oggi in an article that captures a trend already underway.