Changes to the VAT on the supply of goods to travellers not resident in the European Union will be effective from February 1st

Akio Toyoda, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Toyota, during a meeting with employees of the well-known Japanese automaker, raised several doubts about the future of electric cars.

A company of 50,000 people could save up to $30 million per year by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) mental health support into its welfare package.

Also for 2024, a great success is expected for the field of the cruises in Italy that generates a total economic value of approximately 15 billion euros

The number of foreign visitors in our country is still higher than it was in 2019, as evidenced by data processed by the Centro Studi Turistici di Firenze

The winter season this year is predicted to increase by 2% compared to last year, which already saw a spike in tourists.

In order to face the growing challenges in a society in which fewer and fewer children are born and which continues to grow old, a revolution in the health system is needed, starting with digitalization.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently published the document Regulatory considerations on Artificial Intelligence for health to promote a safe, effective and responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the health field.

The use of artificial intelligence in the tourism industry is now a fact and continues to grow.

The experience will become more important for Italians when picking destinations for 2024. This is confirmed by the recent report ‘Travel Trends 2024’ by Skyscanner.