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Healthcare is not enough

During this pandemic period, there has been a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of healthcare, on what has worked and what hasn’t. At times, interventions in the field of health and social care, which also have an important role, have been neglected.

Digital healthcare

The 6-Salute (6-Health) mission of the PNRR is divided into two parts: on one hand the network of closeness, intermediate facilities and telemedicine for territorial health care, on the other one, innovation, research and digitalization of the national health service.

Human or AI?

Could you distinguish a human being or an object created by artificial intelligence? It is the disturbing title of a recent article published in “La Repubblica” and, apparently, the answer to the question is negative.

Corporate welfare

In addition to tax advantages, for companies (especially medium and large ones) corporate welfare represents an essential way to attract valuable human capital and maintain valid resources. Nicola Paronzini states this in an article published in “We Wealth”.