Artificial intelligence: up to 80% diagnostic capability.

The Santorsola Polyclinic in Bologna is the first European public hospital to be equipped with artificial intelligence that allows the early detection of nodules located in the lungs. This tool operates by referencing CT data and fluoro radiology images in real time. With this information, the Body Vision Lung System reconstructs a three-dimensional image of reality that would not be possible to visualize otherwise, directing physicians as a small and sophisticated “navigator” intelligent, so as to arrive in places where it is not possible to reach with normal navigation and early detection of peripheral pulmonary nodules.

A real revolution: recognizing and diagnosing nodules early means beating over time all diseases with better treatment prospects and the ability to act immediately surgically. Thanks to artificial intelligence we are able to increase the diagnostic capacity by about 10%, which, together with 70% already obtained with the methods in use, allows us to make accurate diagnoses up to about 80%. Significant figures if we consider that each year in Italy are diagnosed 41 thousand new lung cancers, more than 3 thousand only in Emilia Romagna.

The Hospital of Sant’Orsola performs more than 2500 interventions per year for all lung and pleural diseases. The new facility will enrich and improve the effectiveness of diagnostic and treatment support activities.

Within the operating unit there is also a Day Hospital that allows the planning of clinical-instrumental investigations in favor of patients who access from outside the hospital that in the last year has carried out over 600 activities in this area.

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