Chancellor Merkel praise Italy

Chancellor Merkel praised Italy in a video-conference speech between the German State ministers: “In Europe there are many areas at risk. You can still travel to Germany and go to non-risk areas in Europe. In Italy, for example, they act with great caution ”. Good food, a widespread presence of small and independent accommodation facilities from North to South and compliance with safety measures are the main reasons why the Peninsula will be able to attract more tourists. We will see whether or not there will be a Merkel effect on the decisions that German tourists will make in the coming months. While the contagion situation in France and Spain worsens, Italy is fighting the second wave.

Beyond general considerations, the numbers speak for themselves. Gianni Rusconi analyzes the state of world tourism and the Italian tourism pros in a contribution published by Il Sole 24 ore. The article reports the research results commissioned by Mastercard.

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