Coronavirus how Israel monitors the contagion.

We talked about China and Korea and how big data and artificial intelligence are used to monitor areas of contagion. Now it is the turn of Israel to use a system based on a quick and effective questionnaire. Identify virus pathways in good time to prevent its movements is a central point in order not to disperse the forces, strengthen the defenses where necessary and avoid taking unnecessary measures, which harm the economy without save lives.

To understand where the next outbreak will break out there is who follows the mass movements of the population, through data provided by telephone companies, as is happening in France and Germany. In Israel scientists from the Weizmann Institute of Science in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and on behalf of the ministry of health have developed a method that is based on anonymous questionnaires from submit to the public and analyze the data purchased through software. The questionnaires identify the onset of typical symptoms of Coronavirus pneumonia and the analysis is based on big data algorithms and artificial intelligence, which create a mapping of the territory.

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