Health on the road: tips for a safe departure

Paola Guerra, founder and director of the International School of Ethics & Safety, during an interview faces a very topical issue especially in this period when Coronavirus is in the spotlight. We are inspired by his words to give you some advice to travel better and, above all, safer.

  • Before leaving, consult the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘Safe Traveling’ website for the latest information on health, environmental, social or political risks, first aid kits, correct eating habits; the website of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization is highly recommended.
  • Do not rely on social media and last-minute information, word of mouth which is often strongly influenced by panic and fear. Professionals who have to move for work can turn to their companies for timely information.
  • Do not choose destinations at risk and, if you are in areas where there are epidemics, wash your hands very often, wear masks if you are in the hot area, do not eat fresh food and use packaged water.

And don’t underestimate the good old common sense … In some cases, a conference call is better.


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