Aziende italiane, customer care e tecnologia

Italian companies customer care and technology.

What point are Italian companies at,  with respect to the use of new technologies and, in particular, artificial intelligence for customer care? We share an article published by Adnkronos that offers an overview of what emerged during the UMANia2020 event, organized by IULM AI LAB.

During the conference, the first edition of the “AI.bility of Italian companies” survey-observatory carried out by the IULM AI LAB working group was presented. The research, conducted on a sample of 230 large Italian companies belonging to 6 different business sectors (clothing, food, banking, furniture, hospitality, large-scale distribution), confirms a level of immaturity in the adoption of technological applications to support customer service activities. The data has been summarized in an overall AI.bility index which evaluates the company’s maturity in the adoption of “intelligent” automation systems, consisting of three indicators: orientation towards AI; management of technologies applied to customer care channels; customer experience. The average score obtained by companies was 4.9 points, which attests to a still inadequate understanding of the actual opportunities for managing the channels of interaction with the customer based on automation.

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