Italy is growing in its use of AI.

Italy is growing in its use of artificial intelligence: currently thirteenth in Europe. The latest report from the New Generation Networks and Services Observatory of the Institute for Competitiveness (I-Com) makes an analysis of competitiveness in Europe in the artificial intelligence ecosystem.

The study, in addition to examining the trends of the global market, provides a synthetic index that demonstrates the development of AI in European countries, taking into account some variables relating to the industrial AI ecosystem, research in the various member states, the level of adoption of specific technologies (robotics and 3D printing, closely linked to it), and Big Data analysis.

With a score of 60, our country ranks thirteenth out of 27 member states, with an excellent performance in robotics and patenting. On the podium, on the other hand, are Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium with a score of 100, 94 and 89 respectively.

The Italian market – including software, hardware and AI services – in 2019 reached the value of 200 million euros.

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