We are inundated with an avalanche of data created and managed by hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies produced by the United States and China, while Europe moves with a certain delay. According to the forecasts of Idc (International Data Corporation), in the Old Continent the volume of data coming from healthcare will grow fivefold in the coming years. Roland Berger, the world leader in strategic consultancy, has drawn up a study with over 400 experts, including doctors, hospital managers, managers of the pharmaceutical and insurance industry, politicians and patients.

According to the study, 20% of the services that are performed today by doctors will be achieved by new technologies and artificial intelligence.

Things will change for patients with cancer and rare diseases. From now to 2025, the genome mapping of 20% of the European population will be carried out, probably people with the most serious pathologies. At the same time, artificial intelligence will also be used in diagnostics for common diseases. The treatments will be increasingly personalized as well as health insurance. The computer giants are already getting organized. Will 2025 be the health of Big Brother?

Good Doctor, Pharmitalia

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