Pandemic and funerals.

The pandemic has brought with it not only the disease but also the economic crisis. Considering these two aspects, those who lose a loved one may find it difficult to bear the expenses of the funeral. According to, the average cost of a funeral in Italy ranges from 1,700 euros for a basic ceremony, up to 3,400 euros for a complete ceremony. It should also be considered how these amounts increase when we add transport, burial, taxes and cemetery expenses. The price can rise even beyond 5 thousand euros per ceremony (with the addition of the cost of the burial recess, which differs depending on the position).

The State provides support for funeral expenses, through a tax deduction, for a maximum amount of 1,550 euros. An aid of no immediate relief considering that the expenses must be incurred immediately.

And there is no shortage of cases in which there are those who take advantage of the situation, made even more sad by the necessary restrictions of the state of emergency due to Covid-19.
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