If up until a few years ago,even Internet Banking could have seemed an impossible project-it was thought that no one would have consented to the processing of online financial data-today the Healthcare sector is moving in the same direction and with the same doubts. In the hospitals of the future, care will be provided through a digital and physical mix,24 hours a day,7 days a week.

Healthcare is also about to change its face, starting from the places of care increasingly”office-based laboratories” that are located in areas close to the patients. Virtual assistance is no longer part of a distant future. It is a reality and is making a big difference to the hospitals and organizations in which it was adopted, so much so that there is even talk of “hospitals without beds”.

It’s not just happening in the United States, even in Japan,a remotely monitored intensive care unit (eICU) has just been launched. The new model of virtual assistance is having a profound impact on access to assistance, prevention and early intervention, so as to avoid emergency care and hospital readmissions.