The new WHO report indicates how to convert the route: “Up to 4% of GDP could be earned”. Income, living conditions, access to services, work and education level. The report identifies 5 key risk factors which prevent the achievement of good health and leading a safe and dignified life. Health inequalities in many of 53 countries in the WHO European region retain the same or have worsened despite attempts by tackling them.

The range of policies outlined in the Report stimulates both sustainable development and economic growth. Reducing inequalities by 50% would produce financial benefits for countries ranging from 0.3% to 4.3% of gross domestic product (GDP). Many of the critical factors that drive health inequalities are not addressed by European countries. For example, while 29% of health inequalities derive from precarious living conditions, 53% of the countries of the Region have disinvested in housing and community services over the past 15 years.