I vantaggi della Sanità digitale

Advantages of digital healthcare.

In order to face the growing challenges in a society in which fewer and fewer children are born and which continues to grow old, a revolution in the health system is needed, starting with digitalization.

This was discussed during Welfair 2023, the healthcare fair that took place last October in Rome. The event is now a place where all players in the health supply chain meet to develop new management and innovation models.

Both healthcare professionals and the general population have yet to fully understand the great potential and advantages of digital health.

First of all, digitalization allows you to connect clinical networks, overcoming spatial, institutional and contractual barriers. A multidisciplinary dialogue between healthcare professionals is promoted to facilitate the creation of therapeutic plans that address the patient’s clinical, care, and social needs. For the patient, this translates into access to a greater healthcare offer and the possibility of having clear information from operators, avoiding the duplication of diagnostic investigations and reducing the time needed to obtain them.

In addition, the implementation of new tools and the transformation of the care model are made possible through digitization. Telemonitoring does not replace a service performed in person, but rather represents a new mode of service that innovates the existing model. Telemedicine is not an alternative, but an extra service that should be provided when telemonitoring data indicates criticality. This method allows patients to feel more supported and protected by the healthcare system.

As a result of the previous advantages, it is possible to anticipate future demand and dynamically organize supply, resulting in the reduction or elimination of long waiting lists. The creation of the network model and the implementation of the new telemedicine services require the adoption of digital tools for route planning, in the form of individual health plans, which consider the multiplicity of personal needs. The digitization of healthcare activities provides analytical data on the health status of the person and allows you to move from a reactive healthcare model to a proactive or even predictive approach.

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