#Artificial intelligence (AI) and #machinelearning are becoming increasingly popular in healthcare. For Business Insider Intelligence, AI spending will increase by approximately 50% annually in 2020-23.

The author of the article Michele Gentili, explain how AI, Machine Learning and Big Data interact, gives an example based on a simple analogy:

– The AI ​​algorithm is the brain of a person who has assimilated a certain method thanks to family and school;

– Big Data are the books, newspapers, the information that the person acquires in the course of life (#lifelonglearning);

– Machine learning is the ability to learn by connecting archived information (Big Data) and using the method implemented with training (algorithm).

The example is apt to explain a technology that has become part of our daily life with virtual assistants, customer services and forecasting needs to advise purchases.

Artificial intelligence applications in healthcare are becoming common for the automation of some activities, such as in the case of diagnostics to support doctors’ decisions, allowing to enter a new era of early diagnosis, or to estimate the medical expenses for hospitalization in case of some diseases, or the effects of prevention campaigns …