L’Intelligenza Artificiale fa bene al turismo?

Does Artificial Intelligence have a positive impact on tourism?

The use of artificial intelligence in the tourism industry is now a fact and continues to grow. Forbes Advisor has confirmed this, estimating that AI will increase by 37% annually from 2023 to 2030. Thanks to it, by 2025, there will be 97 million more jobs and by 2027, its market will reach 407 billion dollars.

AI is transforming the experience of tourists and boosting competitiveness, business, and customer satisfaction. Artificial intelligence is a valuable tool for making predictions and anticipating travel problems, such as flight delays due to severe weather conditions. The level of customer service services can be improved by responding more timely and personalized to customer requests through this new technology.

Forbes Advisor suggests that using AI to plan travel itineraries is one of the main reasons for using it. The great impact that AI is destined to have on tourism will always be integrated with the need for a human approach, despite the fact that artificial intelligence can enhance many aspects of a traveller’s experience, it cannot replace the empathy of a relationship with a being in the flesh, which will continue to be a must in this area.

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