Flights abroad: Covid passport?

Many airlines, airports and governments are working on applications to upload negative results of COVID tests and vaccinations to be shown before boarding. Identity documents alone may not be enough to travel in 2021.

Today, there are at least four digital health passport projects: by downloading an app on your smartphone and insert your health data to allow the hospital / clinic where the swab was performed to upload the result, or to allow the responsible health care authority to certify the vaccination.

The first project is the CommonPass, developed by the Commons Project Foundation and the World Economic Forum, which many airlines have joined. Then there is the Travel Pass, the health verification system of IATA, the main international association of airlines. The third platform is Digital Health Pass was developed by IBM for the airlines, but also for companies that organize concerts, sporting events and more. Finally, a platform that also involves the companies: AOKpass, an app developed by the International Chamber of Commerce, International Sos and Sgs Group.

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