How important is training for AI?

A great deal, according to the Microsoft research entitled “Employee skills and the potential of AI” which involved 12,000 employees and management figures around the world in the past few months, over 600 in Italy. A survey that aims to discover the level of adoption of artificial intelligence and identify the main lessons learned by companies that are further along in their innovation path.

According to what emerged from the survey, in Italy, 28.2% of companies have already integrated artificial intelligence into their business strategy or are in the implementation phase, while 38.8% are evaluating or experimenting with the adoption of technologies intelligent.

The most advanced sectors are Oil & Gas (50% of companies are at an advanced stage), technology (46.6%) and the industrial sector (41.1%), while the markets that stand out for a smaller adoption of AI are consumer goods (17.4%), Utilities (17.6%) and healthcare (17.8%).

The most “mature” Italian companies (100%) in adopting AI, said they have already started or are in the planning phase of setting up courses dedicated to their employees.

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