The blockchain protects health data and supports companies in creating online services for citizens that comply with the GDPR.

This technology provides to execute a network of nodes (blocks) that have the task of safely storing a series of contracts / contracts, and to simultaneously control and approve the operations stored by the other blocks of the network. This mechanism ensures the traceability of the connections in the chain without resorting to a central certifying authority.

The blockchain provides useful applications in the health sector, for the traceability of drugs, the reliability of clinical processes, the security of genetic and particularly sensitive data.

Luigi Lella and Nadia Storti on Digital Agenda – Digital360 describe the case of the Marche Regional Health Authority which is about to ensure, with the support of the Cariverona Foundation, the hope of a management framework supporting the territorial care model centered on the assistance of the Chronic care model in the area that revolves around the community hospitals of Jesi, Loreto and Castelfidardo.

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