Il futuro dell’auto elettrica secondo Toyoda

The future of the electric car, according to Toyoda.

Akio Toyoda, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Toyota, during a meeting with employees of the well-known Japanese automaker, raised several doubts about the future of electric cars, stating that despite progress, are intended to cover at best 30% of the automotive market.

According to Toyoda, a multi-percorso approach with multiple solutions, including hybrid or hydrogen fuel cells, is preferable to the electric car.

The goal isn’t to combat cars, it’s to decrease CO2. Consumers should not be forced to buy electric vehicles, and the car industry should maintain technological neutrality without being imposed by politicians. Customers will decide what type of car to buy based on their needs.

According to the forecasts of the President of Toyota, in the future, the remaining 70% of the market will be represented by hybrid cars, fuel cells, and hydrogen.

The value of a multi-option approach is also supported by the limited attractiveness of electric cars globally, considering that one billion people still live without electricity.

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