The experience will become more important for Italians when picking destinations for 2024. This is confirmed by the recent report ‘Travel Trends 2024‘ by Skyscanner.

Starting next year, the number of trips will remain constant and we will prioritize destinations that are accessible through the cheapest flights, with a rich atmosphere and positive energy.

Italian tourists will have the most disparate motivations in the next 12 months: From visiting cities that are known as film and fiction sets to the culinary capitals that have quality restaurants at affordable prices, first of all Osaka, 4th city in the world with the largest number of restaurants awarded with one or more Michelin stars, and one of the most sought after destinations in Japan. Some travellers will choose destinations known for tranquility, where they can sleep peacefully, while others will connect the holiday to the concert of their favorite pop star. Another trend, especially in the new generations, will finally be to take advantage of the journey to “disconnect” for a while and return to the analog and the use of old cameras with film, objects now in the vintage category.

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