AI and people's behavior will be decisive in Phase 2

AI and people’s behavior will be decisive in Phase 2.
We share an article by Stefano Epifani, President of the Digital Transformation Institute and author of “Digital Sustainability” which illustrates the manifesto with the main points from which to start again to face Phase 2.
Artificial Intelligence has the cards and characteristics to become the real game changer in managing the new scenario, referring to the following principles:
• Complexity: society is a complex system and as such should be analyzed;
• Multidimensionality: the choices must be made on the basis of factors which depend on different and interrelated dimensions;
• Inferentiality: to decide is not enough to look at the direct correlations between the factors involved, but to the inferences between them;
• Adaptability: in a hyper-complex society, the choices will have to adapt to this complexity;
• Network: every decision must be made keeping in mind the fact that linear logics are not suitable to face the situation, because we are in a network context.
To these must be added a last, very important cross-cutting factor: the active and aware role of people, who represent the engine of change and the element of success.
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