Argos Assistance at LetExpo 2024

Argos Assistance at LetExpo 2024

We participated in LetExpo 2024, the largest fair of sustainable transport and logistics that was held in Verona from March 12th to 15th.

Our presence at this event, dedicated entirely to ecological logistics, was an opportunity to promote the service of maritime medical assistance, through which we can allow, to those who have had an accident at sea, access to medical and specialist services, including telemedicine. Our commitment is to ensure that those who travel at sea, for work or for tourism, are assisted and covered for all health needs, wherever they go and that all medical expenses are adequate.

LetExpo has allowed us, moreover, to meet our customers and potential customers, Italian and international, in particular the operators in the field of road rescue, naval societies, marine agencies, society of logistics and to interpose you, all share the same goal of spreading greater ecological awareness in the fields of logistics, business, services, professions and education.

We are very satisfied with this experience that has allowed us both to get in touch with new and complementary realities compared to ours, and to know the latest trends in ecological logistics on road, rail and naval.

For more information about our services, please consult the ‘Assistance Area’ section of the new Argos Assistance website

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