Tourist destinations: Puglia

Puglia is a region in turmoil from a hotel point of view and a place in which many international groups are investing. This is a fact that emerged during the meeting recently organized in Monopoli by PFK and AboutHotel.

The regional hotel real estate assets estimated for the average range of 3 stars is 444 million euros, placing Puglia in 5th place. For 4 stars, the region is in 3rd place with more than 1.1 billion euros and in 5th place for five stars with around 230 million euros. These are the results of a survey that analyzed 17 destinations and 3 cities (with a focus on Bari and Lecce). The 3 stars are 441 structures (in the national average with a presence of about 70% of the hotel offer) and the 4 stars are 372. For the 5 stars in 2020 there was an increase in the hotel offer of about 18%, with 45 total structures. The average size is 44 rooms. The Apulian hotel real estate assets amount to over 4 billion euros. Lecce has 14 4-star hotels, growing slightly. In Bari, the hotel offer is distributed between 3 and 4 stars, replicating the photography of the region. In Lecce, the 5-star hotel offer has grown by 9% and in Bari by 20%.
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