i chatbot del futuro

Chatbots of the future.
Chatbots have evolved tremendously since the first automated responders, and are increasingly able to deliver a smooth and natural customer experience.

Four aspects make all the difference in the world of conversational agents. First and foremost, the chatbot must have mastery of as many topics as possible, a deep understanding of natural language, and be able to give spontaneous responses. In order to acquire all the information useful for its function, it must then integrate with corporate systems, applications and databases, exchange files and documents and retrieve them autonomously. In addition, it must be usable on all touch points used by customers to connect to the company, and finally, a truly differentiating element, it must be able to rephrase questions in case it does not understand requests, which is connected with the ability to recover the conversation in case of error.

These are technologies that need a “human contribution” in order to work, as algorithms alone are not able to make a conversational agent truly useful.

Marta Abbà talks about it in an article published on Zerounoweb

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