What will post-pandemic healthcare look like?

This is discussed by the Censis-Janssen study: “Development for the future of Health Care”.
After the trauma of the pandemic, it is necessary to redesign the offerings of healthcare. On the one hand, it is necessary to consider the best outcomes of experiments that have been carried out and, on the other, it is necessary to be aware of the bottle-necks that remain. Post-Covid healthcare must be reviewed in light of a number of factors, including the aging population and the possibility of new unexpected peaks in demand for services, in case of potential other pandemic events in the future.

Massimiliano Valeri, director of Censis, identifies four key points:

  • Work serves as an ecosystem, enhancing public, private, non-profit, voluntary and pharmaceutical companies
  • By adding the human factor to the center of this, comforted by the fact that 96% of those surveyed have confidence in healthcare professionals, not only doctors but also senior and middle management of healthcare companies
  • Focus on the proximity of healthcare, considering also the many experiments launched by Regions in recent years
  • The push in digital healthcare, considering that 86% of people are asking for access to electronic health records through their own devices and to facilitate bookings.

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