The Private Hospitality Association has traced an identikit of private Health: 315 facilities (out of 518 associated) offering 60,000 beds of which 52,000 are accredited with the National Health System (SSN). In all, around 70 thousand employees – of which 70% are women – divided between 12 thousand doctors, 26 thousand nurses and technicians and 32 thousand support operators.

There are one million assisted patients for around 8 million hospital days, equal to 28.4% of the total hospitalization days and 26.5% of the SSN services for an expenditure that is 13.5% of the Italian healthcare .

According to the identikit traced by the first Aggregated Social Report of Aiop – carried out by Carlo Luison of BDO Italia on the 315 mostly large structures that have joined the initiative – the value of the production of all associates to 2017 was close to 8 billion – of which 96% are revenues from fee services of the National Health Service.

“Realizing the first aggregated Aiop Social Report means taking a different picture of the Association – explained the president Barbara Cittadini – that goes beyond the services and services we provide as a private law component of the national health system