The Italian plan for artificial intelligence

The Italian plan for artificial intelligence. The public amount adds up to $ 888 million for the first 5 years, to which is added $ 605 million of private contributions. This is the national plan made public by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE).

In June Argos is painted in a rainbow.

In June Argos is painted in a rainbow. We join the many companies, publishers and social platforms that in recent weeks have made their voices heard in support of the LGBTQI + community to overcome the discrimination that still persists in many countries.

Safe on the beach? The Costa del Sol has thought of that

Post-Covid tourism - who will lift the industry? Positive signals from the younger generations, millennials and generation X have remained very active on social media during this period. To confirm the trend Fabio Bin, co-founder of WeRoad and Federico Tosazzi, responsible for the entertainment of ScuolaZoo Viaggi products.